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The Aadhaar identity system that has provided the foundation for the UPI rollout has been criticised for further marginalising a minority of Indians. But 1.3bn Indians, including 99 per cent of adults, are now part of it. Dilip Asbe, who heads the National Payments Corporation, the organisation behind UPI, reckons 350mn people now use the system for payments, a number that should continue to expand as smartphone usage and 5G networks proliferate and services are extended to encompass credit and investments as well as payments. More Americans are moving to Europe lately, and many are fleers rather than seekers. The statistics are messy: governments have difficulty keeping tabs on foreign residents. But in some countries the trend is clear. In 2013-22 the number of Americans in the Netherlands increased from about 15,500 to 24,000; in Portugal it tripled to almost 10,000; and in Spain it rose from about 20,000 to nearly 34,000. In other places, such as France, Germany and the Nordic countries, the number grew moderately or held steady. Britain thinks the number of resident Americans rose from 137,000 in 2013 to 166,000 in 2021 (the latest estimate). Most banks have started digital transformation to build data lakes and migrate applications onto cloud platforms. Some banks have also attempted to transform finance and risk—for instance, by modernizing legacy systems.

Terawulf Inc (NASDAQ:WULF): $0.41 billion market cap Source: Google The following year, Marshall moved the team to nearby Fenway Park, home of the American League Boston Red Sox. Managing partner Josh Harris of the Washington Commanders looks on prior to a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Aug. 11, 2023, in Cleveland, Ohio. (Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

At left, Native America Blackfeet Chief John Two Guns White Calf (1872-1934) is shown shaking hands with A. Aaron of Madras, India, as they met at a Rotary Convention, circa 1925. White Calf was the inspiration for the face that appeared on Washington Redskins helmets and merchandise from 1972 to 2000. (FPG/Archive Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) (After publication of this story, a Google spokesperson clarified that the company began taking preorders in June.) Google has been gaining ground. The company said Workspace now has 10 million paying customers, up from 9 million in March and 6 million in 2020. The company says more than a million people have tried the new AI capabilities through a “trusted tester” program since they were introduced earlier this year. Over 1,000 customers are now using the tools in a trial, Pappu said. A Washington Commanders/FedEx Field representative called the Native American Guardians Association "a fake group" in a text exchange with former luxury-box owner Christina King. (Screenshot by Christina King)

The availability of Duet AI is initially for paid Workspace users only, with a cost of $30 per workspace account for large organizations. "The federal government is not in a position to borrow at this time," Edun said, adding that the emphasis is on creating a stable environment to attract both local and foreign investments.

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