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The "men spent the day in mirth and jollity ... in honor of King Tammany," an aide to George Washington wrote after the deadly winter at Valley Forge in May 1778. In Gmail and Google Docs, users can input a simple text prompt and tell Duet AI to produce a result. In Google Slides, images can be created by typing a few words of descriptive text. Duet AI can also help create a plan for a project in Google Sheets and take notes in Google Meet for those who can’t attend video calls. Gen Z workers are predicted to be the largest user demographic of generative AI by 2025. TechCrunch+ Editor-in-Chief Alex Wilhelm joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss how younger online users are influencing the direction of the internet alongside the growing impact of digitalization trends and artificial intelligence adoption.

Nigeria's economy has been battered by previously low oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered two successive recessions in 2016 and 2020. The country has since exited that recession but growth is still fragile. All that AI won’t come cheap, though: Google will charge $30 per user for access to Duet, at least for large organizations. (Aparna Pappu, the head of Workspace, told CNBC that Google hasn’t finalized pricing for smaller teams.) That’s the same price Microsoft is charging for its AI system called Copilot, with similar features that work across most Office apps. In both cases, that’s a lot to pay for a set of still-very-new AI tools. (After publication of this story, a Google spokesperson clarified that the company began taking preorders in June.) The Bitcoin mining industry is going through a delicate moment as the mining difficulty continues to increase, also increasing the costs of the activity and reducing the expected profits for the majority of Bitcoin miners — who are, on average, operating ‘underwater’ for over a year.

“I think if this technology goes wrong, it can go quite wrong. And we want to be vocal about that. We want to work with the government to prevent that from happening,” he said. Google has been gaining ground. The company said Workspace now has 10 million paying customers, up from 9 million in March and 6 million in 2020. The company says more than a million people have tried the new AI capabilities through a “trusted tester” program since they were introduced earlier this year. Over 1,000 customers are now using the tools in a trial, Pappu said. "People want to call us fake and they’ve done that before," Davidson said. "They never tell our story and that’s their goal. To wipe out Native history. It’s discrimination when you go after one culture like this." BlackRock is buying the dip for Bitcoin mining companies

In 2018, Israel’s so-called nation-state bill was passed, defining it as the national homeland for the Jewish people while downgrading the status of Palestinians and their Arabic language. UBS Group AG

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