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Bristol City Leap aims to decarbonise England’s seventh-largest city by giving business and investors the policy certainty needed to commit for the long term. With an initial focus on the council’s own assets, a partnership has been developed with Ameresco and Vattenfall that will direct about £630mn of public and private investment over five years into solar, wind, heat networks, heat pumps and other energy efficiency measures to help Bristol meet its target of being “carbon neutral and climate resilient” by 2030. Use the same seven questions above as an explainer checklist. Help people see how AI works in ads, distinct from other forms of advertising creativity. Demystify the concepts of training data, and language models. Explode myths about what the term artificial intelligence really amounts to. Machines do not understand meaning as humans do. Duet AI is meant for Workspace users with paid accounts — don't expect this rollout to bring fancy AI features to your personal Google account. According to The Verge, Duet AI for Google Workspace will cost $30 per workspace account "for large organizations." If you're a Workspace account manager, you can learn more about Duet AI and sign up for a free trial here.

Dojo will not only accelerate FSD training but will also manage data processing for Tesla's entire vehicle fleet. Tesla is simultaneously bringing its Nvidia H100 GPU cluster online along with Dojo, a move that will give the company unparalleled computing power in the automotive industry. The S&P 500, Dow industrials and Nasdaq Composite all advanced. The Dow was up about 200 points. Pappu said she recently asked Duet AI to generate text for a product positioning document using information from other sources, and to craft an illustration for a presentation. One early customer is lingerie brand Adore Me, where employees use Duet AI to prepare copy, a Google spokesperson said. He was celebrated by the Founding Fathers and the troops that fought in the American Revolution as the "Patron Saint of America."

Google announced today that it is rolling out its Duet AI assistant across all of its Workspace apps, including Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, and more. The Duet tech has been in testing for a while, the company said, with more than a million people already kicking the tires on Google’s virtual assistant. Now, it’s coming to anyone paying for Google’s Workspace apps. "The federal government is not in a position to borrow at this time," Edun said, adding that the emphasis is on creating a stable environment to attract both local and foreign investments. Reuters Ninety percent of Native Americans around the country supported the Redskins name in a Washington Post poll in 2016, as the woke assault on the traditional name grew stronger.

The win by Grayscale on Tuesday comes after the firm sued the SEC in June 2022 — when the US securities regulator blocked the crypto-focused asset manager from converting its Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) to an ETF. The prime years for making smart financial decisions are, on average, 53 and 54.

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