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Businessman George Preston Marshall brought the NFL to Boston in 1932. As was the custom of the era, he named the upstart pro football club after the more established pro baseball team. If you want to work in risk, you’ll need an inherent interest in the way markets and companies work, an appreciation of the importance of process, and a core level of quantitative competency. This article is an executive-level strategic proposal toward digital transformation by embracing AI and RPA on the cloud for finance, risk and regulatory compliance in large banks. Importantly, it only scrapes the surface and glances over some of the most important aspects of security, governance, new capabilities building and cloud-native features—which are the most challenging aspects to people who are living in the banking domains that many outsiders may take for granted.

At left, Native America Blackfeet Chief John Two Guns White Calf (1872-1934) is shown shaking hands with A. Aaron of Madras, India, as they met at a Rotary Convention, circa 1925. White Calf was the inspiration for the face that appeared on Washington Redskins helmets and merchandise from 1972 to 2000. (FPG/Archive Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) “We are stopping the criminal organisations from taking over the budgets that go to the Arab authorities,” Smotrich said. Duet AI for Google Workspace is Google's suite of generative AI tools for its Workspace apps, including features like AI-generated text in Gmail and Google Docs, or bespoke generated imagery for Google Slides, meant to eliminate some of the drudgery from increasingly bloated white-collar jobs. Introduced in at I/O this spring, the features have had a waitlist for early access for quite some time. Today, Google's announced that general availability for Duet AI for Google Workspace has begun. placeholder

More than 3 billion people around the world use Google Workspace. A consumer version of Duet AI for Google Workspace should become available “early next year,” Pappu said. Google announced Duet AI at its I/O developer conference earlier this year, pitching the collection of features as a helpful collaborator in all your Google apps. You might ask Duet to turn your Google Docs outline into a deck in Slides or have it make a chart out of the data in a spreadsheet. Duet can also be a creative tool — you can prompt it to write an email response, generate images, or check your grammar. And you can use it to find stuff in your Drive, summarize your documents, and more. One way to think about Duet is as a mix of Clippy’s helpful work-ish demeanor and ChatGPT’s creative abilities. John Two Guns White Calf Outside of jobs in the investment banking division (M&A and capital markets) and sales and trading, risk jobs are some of the best paid in banking. Again, however, you won’t be making over $100k for a few years here. The eFinancialCareers salary and bonus survey puts salaries and bonuses for risk management professionals in London at the levels below. As a junior, you’ll be an analyst. It usually takes over a decade to become a managing director.

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