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Beyond quick debunks, journalists could write explainer articles on generative AI ads to let the public see how the sausage got made. Many credit risk professionals stay in the credit risk function for extended periods in their careers. They often manage groups of credit analysts and become specialists in particular industry areas like media, energy, or hospitality. This specialization requires them to become experts in their fields both with respect to the balance sheets of the companies involved and in the fundamentals of the business itself. From there, some move on to manage credit exposure in hedge funds, pension funds and mutual funds. Others can apply their knowledge of how cash moves through a business in the private equity business, where financial statement analysis is a core competency. World

The win by Grayscale on Tuesday comes after the firm sued the SEC in June 2022 — when the US securities regulator blocked the crypto-focused asset manager from converting its Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) to an ETF. King said she gave up her suite after three years when the franchise, under previous owner Dan Snyder, dropped "Redskins" as the team's nickname in 2020. A DeSantis PAC’s attack ad on frontrunner Donald Trump is a recent example of this. In it, the ad shows the former president criticizing Iowa’s Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, except Trump’s voice was generated, but Trump had not gone on a speech and said those words. The PAC supporting DeSantis took the text from Trump’s text posts and generated audio in his voice. In July, WESH 2 News (a TV outlet in Central Florida) did an effective debunk. Later this week, investors will eye the Fed’s preferred gauge of inflation—the personal-consumption expenditures price index—and the August employment report.

Liquidity risk is a different type of risk altogether and is one which has come under increasing regulatory scrutiny since the 2008 financial crisis. Liquidity risk gauges an organization’s ability to meet its immediate cash obligations to its creditors. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Ready cash in a financial institution comes from bank balances, the capacity to borrow, and the ability to sell (or “liquidate”) assets without suffering severe losses. Meanwhile, obligations incurred include loan and bond interest and principal, contractual obligations to lend, and derivative securities commitments. Failure to meet any of these obligations can have severe repercussions, up to and including bankruptcy. The liquidity risk function in a bank measures and monitors sources of uses of cash, including both those of a fixed nature and those driven by markets and client behavior. What do risk management jobs in financial services involve? Google MEET THE AMERICAN WHO WAS REVERED AS THE ‘PATRON SAINT’ UNTIL HE WAS CANCELED: LENNI LENAPE CHIEF TAMMANY

NATIVE AMERICAN GROUP CALLS ON COMMANDERS TO RENAME TEAM REDSKINS: ‘CANNOT ERASE HISTORY’ In 2021, hundreds took to the streets to protest Israel’s deadly assault on the besieged Gaza Strip. More than 300 people were arrested at the time, Al Jazeera reported.

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