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Smart electricity grids or better care for our ageing population are not going to happen without bolder ways of deploying public money, using it more effectively to crowd in private capital at scale.  If you want to work in risk, you’ll need an inherent interest in the way markets and companies work, an appreciation of the importance of process, and a core level of quantitative competency. Report this ad

He renamed the team Redskins. It was a tribute not only to the Red Sox — but was deeply embedded in cherished Native American lore. "The team never should have never been pressured into changing the name," she also said. The Redskins name and its imagery remain popular among both longtime fans of the NFL team and Native Americans — representing a public relations nightmare for the new ownership. Members of the Native American Guardians Association. NAGA historian Andre Billeaudeaux (back row, center) blames "toxic ignorance" for the effort to remove Native imagery from sports and popular culture. President Eunice Davidson (far right) said the pressure is fueled by "racist White woke" professors and academics. (Courtesy Native American Guardians Association)

Google Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein said in a Tuesday tweet that the company’s legal team is “actively reviewing” the court’s decision. The Aadhaar identity system that has provided the foundation for the UPI rollout has been criticised for further marginalising a minority of Indians. But 1.3bn Indians, including 99 per cent of adults, are now part of it. Dilip Asbe, who heads the National Payments Corporation, the organisation behind UPI, reckons 350mn people now use the system for payments, a number that should continue to expand as smartphone usage and 5G networks proliferate and services are extended to encompass credit and investments as well as payments. India is among the most advanced with its CBDC project. A pilot began late last year and has since been expanded to involve 13 banks in 26 locations, compared with four banks in four cities initially. Some experts believe a digital rupee might fully launch as soon as next year. The pilot project has involved integrating it with the UPI system, so that merchants can accept digital rupee payments using the same QR code they already have for UPI transactions.

"We’re not a fake group. We’re tribal-enrolled members from tribes across the United States," Eunice Davidson, co-founder and president of the nonprofit Native American Guardians Association (NAGA), headquartered in North Dakota, told Fox News Digital during an interview. For years, Modi has pursued policies to push an overhaul of a financial system that not long ago was both old-fashioned and predominantly cash-based, as well as chaotic. This made fraud, bribery and tax evasion easy and endemic.

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